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We are one of the leading
textile companies of Uzbekistan!

Production and sales
of knitwear

Wholesale. Inexpensive. From the manufacturer.

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For 13 years of its existence, our company has achieved great success in the production and marketing of its own garment production (The production capacity is from 5 000 pieces of garments a day).

We use the following types of knitted fabrics in the manufacture of our products:

  • Supreme
  • Kashkorse
  • Ribana
  • Pique
  • Footer (two-thread)
  • Footer (three-thread)
  • Footer (three-thread with fleece)

We manufacture from


About the company

Our company has over 250 employees. One of the important aspects of our company is the policy on employees and labor force. We strictly follow global workforce code that does not tolerate age, racial, national or any other discrimination, and does not use child labor.

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Mission of the company

The mission of the company is to supply high-quality and affordable products to the population, observing all the agreed conditions. A satisfied client, first of all for us, is the motion and growth of the company.