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History of the company

“ECЕ Textile” was founded by Mr. Chetin Demirbash, the citizen of Turkey.

Having worked successfully several years in the textile industry of Turkey, he decided not to stop on it. His next step was to enter foreign markets, including Uzbekistan, as it is one of the leading countries of the world in growing cotton.

After a thorough marketing research of the Uzbek market for about 3 years, in particular on the demand and requirements of the market, he founded the knitted apparel factory-“ECE Textile” in 2008.

Thus, a new garment sewing company - “ECE Textile” was born in Uzbekistan, which was warmly welcomed. Soon it entrenched firmly in the market. “ECE Textile” is mainly specialized in the production of knitted family garments (for newborns, children, teenagers and adults).